About Our Commercial Construction Projects

Pier 32

This award-winning property was designed by the Miller-Hull architectural firm and built by MarVista Construction. This project was built from the ground up in a new basin dredged by the San Diego Port Authority. It required all new underground utilities, including the stormwater control systems that protect the bay. MarVista Construction helped develop the handicap ramps that bisect the rip-rap slope along the basin, allowing access to the docks.

The Wharf

This Miller-Hull design won an Orchid award from the San Diego Architectural Foundation and was built by MarVista Construction. This project required the demolition of piers, piles, and deteriorated concrete and the installation of all new piles used for the construction of the buildings as well as the lookout pier and cantilevered walkways. MarVista Construction provided the final design for the North side promenade along Marina Greens park. MarVista Construction was awarded Project of the Year by the Southern California Concrete Association for our work at the Wharf. We also performed the TI work for the offices of Frazer Yachts and GB Capital

Custom Comfort Beverly Hills

This project involved interior TI work as designed by Ernie Roth of Roth Design Group and is located on Beverly Boulevard in the heart of Beverly Hills. One of the beautiful features of this beautiful store is the curved glass tile wall and travertine-toped display.